By Alla Jacobs,
channelling Jean-Marie
Collot d'Herbois.
Poem transmitted through and for Alla.



I held you up naked between my palms
Fragile Thumbelina, nothing more than a chance
When I clasped my hands in desperate prayer
Sparkling diamond of future, my Soul’s child, you were there!

I dreamed you up, sweet Girl
Your life, your joy, had always been my goal
The memory of me
Nurtured the seed of your Soul

Do you know how I saved you,
So frail, you, who were not yet?
How I fought for you, cherished one,
I’ll never forget.

As I struggled through darkness,
You, my hope, you were there,
You were bright red rose
In black fields of despair.

How many horrors I had to face
And yet in my strife, I felt your embrace.
In my hour of death, a lone figure on her knees that prays –
It was you that I saw, a promise of God’s Grace.

You wiped my blood away with your long blond hair
Oh Magdalene of Light, God bless you who loved enough to dare!
It is you who carry me now, I am your Guiding Star;
Think, dear one, how far we’ve come, how far!

As you wake up in your bed, so warm, so relaxed,
I can’t help smiling upon you, treasured fruit of my past!
Your first thought is of me, and my world lights up
I am here to guide you, did you call me, what’s up?

It is your battle now; you can bring me glory, defeat my shame
You know the true me, stand up for my name!
You are my Lady now, I pray that you stay true
The golden thread of our story is spun by you.

February 2005


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All rights reserved. Copyright © Alla Jacobs 2006.