by Alla Jacobs
and Jean-Marie
Collot d'Herbois, via channelling.



-      My Prince of Love, oh Collot!
How your love is pure and tender, oh my Spouse!
My Lord, enter my heart, that I may feel your powers!

-      My Lady, I am yours! For years Iíve been waiting
And now, in jealous throes, still my heartís celebrating!
Your closeness is mine! Your tears sweet are falling,
Your hand is held in mine, your Soul has heard me calling!

-       My Lord of all the times, have no doubt in my faith!

-       Each step you walk with me by your side, you are safe!

-       Sweet, adored Jean-Marie, the Light that flows to me
From Heavenís Sacred Heights, and from pain sets me free!
May your voice ring again, vibrating through my voice,
To bring your Light to Earth, it is my highest choice.
Protect me, Holy Guide, from anger and disgrace,
Love purest, oh my Lord, to you my path shall trace.


May 2005, London

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