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About the Author of this Site

Alla Jacobs

Jean-Marie COLLOT D'HERBOIS has fascinated me since the age of fourteen. He has inspired many of my poems and paintings. My passion for Collot has never been that of a historian; rather, Jean-Marie took me, throughout my youth and the later years, on a journey of self-discovery. He is my Soul Mate, inspirer and teacher, my guide through the challenges of life and my rock of Gibraltar.

Collot d’Herbois’ historical image, alas, has been for so long exposed to the lying attacks of his enemies, that it is hardly possible now to ressurect the complete truth from the remaining incomplete and mutilated pieces of evidence. Nevertheless, painful as it might be for both of us to fight the evil that has become a corrosive stain on Jean-Marie’s memory in the public consciousness, we do not wish to deprive the genuine seeker of truth about Collot’s life, of an opportunity to learn it from his own words and other appropriate sources. Thus, this site, as it develops, intends to offer not only art inspired by Jean-Marie and his own writings and poetry, but also plenty of factual and historical information.

Above all, we will be greatly satisfied whenever a Visitor to our pages leaves them with a sense that he or she has been able to come into touch with the spirit of all that Collot d’Herbois ever stands for.

Alla Jacobs, September 2006

"The Jacobin Athena"
Self-portrait by Alla Jacobs, 1989


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